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Edulink is our parent portal and communication app - a new addition for 2023-24, and an integral part of our drive to have quicker and easier communication between school and home.

Edulink stores all of your child’s school information in one place so it is much easier for you to keep track of their progress, their school-based activities, and their House Point rewards, amongst other things!

It is very simple and easy to use. You can access Edulink via an Android or an iOS app on any web browser. All parents/carers are provided with login details to sign up. If you experience any difficulties logging in, please contact, for the attention of Ms. J. Hayes (Data and Systems Administrator) who will be happy to help you.

The following information is currently available to parents/carers on the platform:

Contact data - check the information we hold for your child. Please let our school office know if changes are needed.

Timetable - You and your child can access their school timetable at any time.

Attendance - Keep track of your child’s attendance throughout the year

Reports - Read your child’s school reports. You can even see previous years’ reports so that you can see term-by-term feedback.

Homework - Homework that has been assigned by teachers in Googleclassroom can be viewed, and you can see when your child submits it.

Achievement - You can see House Points which have been awarded to your child for attainment, effort or contribution to the school community.

Exam Timetables - View your child’s Public Exam timetable (when it is published) so that you can help them plan and be organised for these important dates.

Progress Evenings - You can book appointments with your child’s teachers for our face-to-face events. Virtual progress evenings are conducted on the Edulink platform. You just need to log into your Edulink account and you will be connected to your child’s teachers at the relevant time.

Students can also access the Clubs icon and book themselves into lunchtime activities from our menu of opportunities.