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Timings of the School Day

The school operates a fortnightly timetable, with five periods in the school day.

The students must be in school from 8.50 – 3.35 daily; this is a total of 33 hours and 45 minutes (33.75 hrs) each week.

Students are able to enter the building from 8 am, and remain in the library until 4.15pm daily. There is also a homework club which is available by prior arrangement which runs daily until 4.45pm.


Registration & Assembly  8.50 - 9.15
Lesson 1  9.15 - 10.15
Recess  10.15 - 10.35
Lesson 2  10.35 - 11.35
Lesson 3  11.35 - 12.35
Lunch  12.35 - 13.35
Lesson 4 & Registration  13.35 - 14.35
Lesson 5  14.35 - 15.35


Entrances and Exits

Pedestrian entrances to the school site for students are off Vicarage Road and Cartland Road. These are open at the beginning and end of the day, and can be opened via the thumb scanners during the rest of the day. Students must not walk up the main drive.

Student entrances to the school buildings are off the back playground. These are on security locks and entrance is via a thumb scan. Students are able to exit by pushing a button. The front entrance should only be used during the school day to access lessons in the Sports Hall or in the event of a fire.

Before School

Many students arrive early and can choose to remain in the playground before school or come inside and wait in the locker room or go to the Dining Room. Students can also go to the Library from 8.20 am. Students should not go to form rooms or try to find teaching staff before 8.45am. By keeping everyone in the above areas our morning supervisors can ensure everyone is safe. A bell is rung at 8.45am and students should go to their form rooms for registration.  


Students should be in their registration room by 8.50am. The Form Teacher takes the register, notices are handed out and on some days, books are collected in.


There is an assembly every day: whole school, Key Stage or form.


At recess students can go to the main Dining Room or the Studio Dining Room to purchase food and drink.  The Library is also open at recess.


All students, other than the Sixth Form, must remain on the school site during the lunchtime. Hot and cold lunches are available in the Dining Room and they must be eaten there unless it is the ‘Lunch to Go’ option which is collected from The Studio. Students who bring sandwiches can go to The Studio to eat them. In fine weather students can eat lunch outside; we have seating areas around the site. The Library is open throughout lunchtime and there are also a wide variety of clubs to go to.

Boys' School   

We are able to join with Camp Hill Boys' School for a number of activities. However, we are two separate schools and do not take the Boys' School hospitality for granted. Invitations and arrangements should be made by form and subject teachers through the Deputy Heads. Students should not be in the Boys’ School or on their premises unless it is by specific arrangement. 

Form Rooms

All forms have a room which is their base. It is the form’s responsibility to ensure their room is tidy. The form room also has a small book locker for each student.