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Instrumental Tuition Application Form

Instrumental Tuition is provided by a team of 12 specialist instrumental teachers who give weekly individual or paired lessons at a subsidised cost of £90 per term. Lessons operate on a rota basis and some take place before or after school. Those accepting a place on the Instrumental Tuition Scheme are expected to attend weekly ensembles and concerts as directed.

Places are subject to demand, and we hold a waiting list for many instruments.

Are you in receipt of:
For students in Years 10-13, are you studying:
Years learnt:
Grade attained:
Own instrument (Y/N):

2. Students wishing to start a new instrument:

The remaining questions are for all students.

Piano/keyboard experience:
Singing experience:
Ensemble experience:
Music Tuition Agreement*

Music Tuition Agreement

What to Expect from Us
- Tuition from highly-qualified and experienced instrumental specialists in purpose-built accommodation.
- Tuition subsidised by the school (£90 termly).
- Free tuition for GCSE/A level musicians and Pupil Premium.
- A minimum of 30 lessons yearly, in shared 30 minute or individual 20 minute lessons.
- Yearly progress report and Instrumental Parents' Evening.
- Instrumental loan available in many cases.
- Access to our centre for Associated Board and Trinity music examinations each term.
- Access to a wide range of professionally-run ensembles for every standard, providing frequent performance opportunities.

What We Expect from You
- Regular practice. Recommended 20 minutes daily up to grade 5, 30 minutes daily for grade 5 & beyond.
- Compulsory attendance at lessons. Please notify problems in advance to Miss Hawthorne or the Instrumental Tutor.
- Purchase of music as required.
- Committed membership of an ensemble as directed.
- Attendance at concerts (see below).
- Payment 1 term in advance.
- Half a term's notice to withdraw from lessons.

Concerts are given at least once a term and your child will be involved in at least 2 performances a year.
Parents are encouraged to attend!
We seat all of our performers in the Hall to support each other and ask that they stay until the end of the concert (7pm-9.15pm usually).

Concert Dress:
White blouse
Black skirt /tailored trousers
Black shoes