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School Policies

Educational regulations require us to make available on request copies of policies, DfE circulars and schemes of work.

We would be pleased to provide copies of any of these policies by post on request.

Please contact the school office at the address below:

School Secretary
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls
Vicarage Road Kings Heath
B14 7QJ

We request that you provide us with two first class stamps for each policy required from the list below, simply to cover the cost of photocopying and postage.

Statutory Policies

A copy of the most recent OFSTED report is available from the school.

* Parents have the right to withdraw their child from sex education

** The policy will be updated in consultation with parents and students at the first safe opportunity in school

*** The policy will be updated in consultation with students leading the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee at a safe opportunity in school

Other School Policies

Complaints Procedure

Parents are encouraged to refer any concern they may have on curricular or other issues to the Headteacher.

The school follows the guidelines established by the Department of Education. There is a formal procedure if an informal resolution is not possible.