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The study of Government and Politics will help any student develop a range of analytical skills.

Government and Politics is offered by the History Department at A level and will be of interest if you would like to know the answers to such questions as:

  • Has the Prime Minister got too much power?
  • Is Sir Keir Starmer a realistic potential Prime Minister?
  • What does Brexit really mean for Britain?
  • Are we entering into an era of multi-party politics?
  • What influence does ideology have on day-to-day life?
  • Should the voting system be changed?

The AS course covers all aspects of how the British the political system works. You will study different electoral systems, voting behaviour, political parties, pressure groups, parliament, the government and the judiciary.

A Level provides an opportunity to study the ideologies of as socialism, liberalism, conservatism and feminism and the ways in which they affect British politics in practice. You will also study contemporary US politics, and learn how it overlaps and contrasts with the British political system.

Support for Pupils:

  • Textbooks for all topics
  • Individual support when necessary
  • Student Conferences
  • Visit to Houses of Parliament in Year 12

Useful Websites:


Curriculum Maps


Transition work for Year 11 moving into Year 12


USA trip